Different Type Of Screed Options You Can Use For Flooring

Flooring options


concrete screed imageThe days are already history when flooring used to be boring and lifeless. These days you can get multiple flooring options and with right kind of sand and cement screed you can get an amazing look as well in your flooring. There are so many options available for sand and cement screed and here are sharing few of the popular types of screed you can use for flooring.

Bonded screed: This is a specific type of sand and cement screed in which screed layer is completely bonded with a lower layer using the concrete material. This kind of screed is known as the most durable screed and people that want to have a permanent flooring prefer to have this method of floor levelling in their house. Also, this is perfect for those areas where you expect some kind of heavy loading or lot of traffic areas such as shops, malls or other places similar to this one.

Un-bonded screed: Many time you need to think about the insulation instead of heating. For that requirement, the un-bonded screed is known as the best option. In this method screed layer lies just above the thermal insulation layer. This kind of screed or flooring is very common among many home users as they require insulation or heating in their rooms from flooring as well to have a comfortable environment in the room.

Floating screed: In some houses they can have underfloor heating pipes to reduce the coldness in the room. In this kind of rooms or houses, you can install the sand and cement screed layer above these pipes and you get thermal effect also with that. the best thing about this kind of floating screed or flooring option is that it not only work well with heating pipes but if you have insulated taker board for the insulation, then you can get a good result in that as well.